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Diana Previs specializes in the healing arts, providing a platform for people to dramatically improve their health and wellness. Over the last two decades, while helping people with all types of ailments (including cancer at all stages), Diana has discovered that healing happens from the inside out. In other words, healing is a mind-body-soul process.

Diana is a Certified Reiki Master, and Intuitive/Spiritual Coach.

Upcoming Events

Have you wondered why sometimes you and a loved one are on the same page thinking the same thing? It’s real vibrational energy! Join Diana on a six-week journey of energetic, loving discovery as you build a connection with your loved one on the other side.

In this six-week masterclass, learn how to channel and connect with your higher self and others using this vibrational energy.

Through this course, you can learn to build a relationship with your higher self, connect with others on the other side, and recognize triggers that keep you stuck in the past. You will release behaviors that will not allow you to move on and redesign your connection with your loved one who has passed on.

These workshops will be small and intimate. There will be no more than 4 participants in each group. This April, I am offering three groups so grab your spot now!

Masterclass Reviews

Reviews from our January session

THANK YOU!....The tears shed with writing were so uplifting....You started helping me long ago but I never recognized you then. I do appreciate everything you do and love you so. Thank you for your loving gentle care. I think that you helped me through a Monumental Climb, an awful feeling of loneliness and despair.

Beverly L.

The classes during the 6 weeks were excellent. Each class was a unique approach to deal with the subject matter. Diana is very knowledgeable in her subject and possess strong skills to engage with her student. She is adept at modifying her method based upon the needs of her student at that moment.....
....I would highly recommend this course to anyone feeling the need for connection. Diana is the consummate professional, has great strength, offers varied insight and ideas, and provides all of this with great care and kindness.

Barbara C.


Your Six-Week Journey Includes

Week 1

An individual intuitive 60-minute session with me booked for the first week of the course.

We’ll identify where you feel blocked. Grief can hold you stuck in the past. I will start with an intuitive reading, and you will in the first session receive tools on how to connect with your higher self and lost loved ones to move forward. You will receive the first steps of automatic writing. We will set your goals for your development through the six weeks on your healing journey. 

Week 2

Joining the group – One zoom call for the week. Working as a group.

Through this intimate group, you will be learning:

Creating connection/Identifying communication with the other side/recognizing triggers that hold you back from living and moving forward.

Week 3

Sharing connection experiences/ delving deeper into automatic writing/learning to channel/ seeing how you can help other loved ones that need you/honoring something in their name.

Week 4

Carving out a pattern with your loved one/setting growth intentions – identifying and asking how that will affect the memory/releasing what doesn’t serve you. Introducing flower essence and other natural remedies that may help managing stressful emotions.

Week 5

Starting to notice your own mind/body, has it changed since you started? What things do you need? What can you release but hold onto the memories? What changes are you implementing? How is channeling showing up?

You will be given a special homework assignment, where we will be communicating through email in week five. I will send you a customized reading and perspective on your birth chart involving astrology and human design. We will correspond through email and follow up on that week to see how the practice is coming along.

Week 6

Solidifying and sharing what you’ve learned. We will recap all of the techniques, exercises, and different remedies that can help you on the path of healing. You will walk away with tools you can use in everyday life, in order to move past fear and grief. You will leave with a matrix of goals to guide you in your improved life.

Healing yourself is the best investment you will ever make!

Watch for new sessions soon.

Don’t walk this journey alone. Let me be your guide back to love and connection in life.

Online Collection

Purchase lifetime access to the entire Journey through Grief with Grace collection and enjoy content at your own pace!