About Diana

Traversing the Depths of Wellness and Human Potential

Like most people, my early life was spent  focusing on making a living. I felt at least if I did something interesting, and it paid to provide for my family, then I would be lucky. I was in the legal field for 13 years. 

After health tragedies struck my family members, losing my mother to a diverticulitis attack, and my sister was very ill, I realized I wanted to make a difference, so I jumped into healthcare. Making a difference and being a part of their health recoveries made me feel like a lottery winner. I had the ability to connect and change lives every day. Many of those years were spent in oncology working in patient advocacy.

The patients’ stories shared a similar pattern – stress was the leading component that precipitated major illness. 

Seeing this pattern, I left Corporate America, and went into individual coaching. I knew I could reach more people by producing a series of online interviews and content on preventative health. 

As a coach and consultant, I have dedicated myself to understanding the profound connection between our emotional states, physical health, and the subconscious mind. 

Because I wanted to work in health prevention and a dedication to my late mother, I started with a series on gut health, entitled: Happy Gut, Healthy Lives

Back in 2018, there wasn’t a lot of information about gut health. It was very popular. I interviewed gut specialists from around the world. Each leader brought diverse views and techniques into the conversation. As we are not a one size fits all society, I tried my best to appeal to everyone.

It wasn’t until I became sick that I realized our subconscious emotions, and our emotional DNA have the power to turn on when colliding or being ignited from stress.

Going down the “rabbit hole”, I went through my own health transformation. I became very much aware of how grief can cause illness if not appropriately handled with care. As a result, I produced Journey through Grief with Grace, a series on transmuting and healing grief.

My approach to wellness is rooted in the belief that we all hold the keys to our own well-being. This belief has inspired me in next project – The Happiness Factor, WTF? podcast.

In this podcast, I’ll challenge conventional wellness wisdom and explore the extraordinary powers of the subconscious mind. Stay tuned for lots of cool stuff, from finding your purpose to finding your family roots!

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